Talk to a design engineer about drafting sevices in Moonbi

Before building dreams, they must be drafted

A design engineer from Barratt D.J. has the skill and experience to fully understand your ideas and to fill in anything you haven't thought of. They will bring form to your ideas and together you will create a complete picture that you will be more than happy with. Book your free consultation on 02 6760 3488 now. Don't keep your dreams waiting!

Couple consulting applying for building permit

Applications & permits

Barratt D.J. will take care of all the applications and permits that will be needed throughout the process. We have the knowledge to provide appropriate advice on requirements prior to the application stage so you are always aware of possibilities and possible constraints. We take the hassle out of permits and applications and ensure swift approvals.

Design engineer at work in Common Moonbi


If you are planning to build a new house, completely revamp your home, extend your home or put additional buildings onto your property such as a unit or garage, talk to the experts at Barratt D.J. Sit down with a professional design engineer for a free consultation and discuss all of your ideas. We'll help make your dream a reality.

Design engineer drawing draft in Common Moonbi


If you have a new architectural project in mind for your property, Barratt D.J. can help bring your concepts to life. Make an appointment to talk to an experienced design engineer about your intended project today. They will give you the expert advice and support you need to make it happen! We are experts in commercial projects of all sizes and styles.